When you think of SanDisk storage, what comes to mind are images of cameras, phones, tablets, and ultra-thin laptops. For over 25 years, we’ve built products that have helped power these devices you use everyday. Today, in addition to carrying on our legacy of developing cutting edge technology that has transformed the way information is stored, SanDisk is venturing into the embedded applications space looking to revolutionize the way companies do business.

Like back-end servers that are on 24 hours a day, applications such as casino gaming machines and digital signs in airports are constantly “on,” meaning they need to perform at peak levels, even when they’re running hot due to uptime. When paired with traditional spinning hard disk drives, these applications pose a higher risk for failure as machines begin to overheat. What this means is that businesses end up having to deploy service technicians to perform maintenance, adding to the higher cost of ownership of these machines.

SanDisk Embedded Solutions
Explore how SanDisk NAND technology can help drive your industry. We are the only vertically integrated manufacturer giving you the right balance of storage and performance to power your application.
Embedded Applications
The embedded industry has started to move away from HDDs, preferring the faster NAND flash technology for its performance, durability and reliability. There is also a growing trend in embedded computing to migrate to smaller on-spec capacities.
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With a SanDisk SSD, you get peak performance that is built on NAND storage with no moving parts, ensuring that you are equipped with a zero noise, zero vibration storage solution.

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